Tekecraft is a long standing gaming community built for players by players. The Members and Admins have been gaming for many years so are very prepared and fair in all eventualities. We come from many gaming backgrounds such a Minecraft, World of Warcraft, DayZ and Enemy Territory. We have collectively been gaming since 2003, although the Tekecraft name was officially established in August 2012. Prior to this, Tekecraft had multiple highly successful Minecraft servers in both the PVP, PVE, Vanilla and Feed-The-Beast environments. Tekecraft is managed by a team of "High Council" members who oversee any important decisions made, as well as, keeping the servers funded. With this in mind we think Tekecraft will be a perfect home for you and your friends.
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Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles

Our Conan Exiles server offers a unique PVP experience in the exiled lands. This early access game is still in its infancy and as such were open to ideas and suggestions. Join the community and let us know what you would like from Conan Exiles.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Our ARK server is an amazing yet chaotic world of epic proportions. We rotate between PVE and PVP on a regular basis. Use PVE to recover and prepare for the next PVP session and then have all out war as PVP gets under way. We have custom software specifically for the task of enabling PVP/PVE so you'll always be in the loop of when the next rotation is.


Our Vanilla Minecraft world is equipped with amazing buildings and artwork. Built by many players over many years its a vast and varying landscape. If you would prefer something a bit more technical you can also check out our Agrarian Skies 2 and Ethos Feed-The-Beast servers.